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The Whitney Memorial Meeting/Appendix I

Schiller's alleged abandonment of his political ideals thus often stands as the paradigm for the political abdication of the Romantic movement, if not for the historic failure of the entire German bourgeoisie. Far from involving any abandonment of his political ideals and ambitions, Schiller's program of aesthetic educationBildung to true freedom by means of Kultur under still more or less authoritarian conditions-needs to be taken seriously as the political project he so explicitly proclaimed it to be: a strategic cultural program of monumental proportions that had profound historical consequences.

Here, however, I would like to revisit another legend that obstructs an understanding and appreciation of Schiller's aesthetic politics: the idea that in his political orientation he should be regarded as a "classical liberal. Insofar as the current Anglo-American debate centers on the nature of Schiller's "republicanism,"14 scholarship has also moved away from this idea, but it has not yet adequately articulated his departure from the classical liberal tradition.

An unknown error has occurred. In other words the words of some famous person whose name escapes me : You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

German-English translation for "erstickt"

Comment CT Joe: I find it interesting that you say you're tired of people discussing your nickname, but you've started a new thread about it. I never asked you to change your nickname, and I never called you names or accused you of anything. I simply pointed out that some native English speakers might find your choice of nickname offensive, in case you weren't aware of it since you're not a native English speaker.

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I want to set the record straight that I never said anything negative about you personally. Go back and read my posts if you're not sure. Go to Google or any other search engine and type in the word "cameltoe". Click Enter. Look at the hits that appear - you don't even have to click them to see what they're about. It's not that hard. And don't lecture me about euphimisms. It's not just an American phenomenon - every culture and language uses them in some context.

The British sometimes call the toilet it a loo. Is that puritanical?

In fact, toilet was originally a euphimism for water closet because it was considered more "genteel". As I pointed out before, you simply might offend some people not all of whom are puritans. Comment Offense is a very personal thing. Tanja's phrase "to call a spade a spade" is considered deeply offensive by some who feel its origins lie in the US slave trade. Though this is patently not true, I am not sure it would placate those who want to see a connection to the clearly offensive "spade" as a pejoritive word for a person of African origin, for tempers run high when emotions are invovled.

It is important for all of us to remember that we are dealing with the written word here, rather than the spoken, which lacks whatever friendly tone or gesture one could lend it if it were spoken.

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In BC, Plato warned of the dangers of the written word , and it is no less applicable today. We have to choose our words carefully to make sure they are not missunderstood, something some posters were encouraging CT-joe to do, and something I think he took to heart in his own way. What he does with that info. I'm not sure the term troll is helpful here, but this discussion has all the earmarks of turning into a flame war, which would be sad in a forum with so many nice and helpful people.

Comment selkie Very nicely put thank you. I would never accuse anyone in this thread of being a troll.. Who 's that trip-trapping over my bridge..

"erstickt" English translation

I am just interested to hear opinions from other people. I always find definitions of vulgarity mostly subjective. What a person writes is not always that which is read and understood. An extremely important lesson.

Richard Wagner and the Articulation of a German Opera, 1798-1876

Let us not start another one here. Comment average joe: So, You using my nick from last year it's Your choice, but I'm not so sure who You are really! Comment ad.

Comment I can't help congratulating everyone here for this unholy fuss raised around the forced interpretation of an apparently harmless expression. It enriched my vocabulary as well, though I don't see many opportunities to use that word in my future. A real pity. Let me just add that, as a born naturist, I don't see any particularly offensive or alluring connotation in that detail of the female anatomy unless: a: it belongs to a luscious girl aging between 17 and 25 showing some interest in me, or b: regardless of the age, it is connected with two intelligent eyes, an interesting personality, a sharp sense of humour and a happy smile.

Then yes, my interest would definitely arise. Comment well seeing as this thread refuses to die : I might as well continue. Let us go back to nicknames in general! Have you ever wondered who might be hiding behind a nick? Maybe Elvis Presley is out there as "lovemetender" or maybe Osama bin Laden occasionaly makes queries regarding the correct use of the imperfect tense? Maybe I am Brad Pitt, just fooling you all If you had no intent to provoke anyone but rather just have fun, then just don't take prude people seriously.

Anyone can be quite offended no matter what name you choose so I wouldn't worry about anyone getting all righteous and such. Forums Trainer Courses. LEO: Additional information. Print PDF. You need to be logged in to start a new thread. Registration and participation are free! Ask the LEO community. Recent lookups click on a word to display the dictionary results again :.

Search term s. LEO uses cookies in order to facilitate the fastest possible website experience with the most functions. In some cases cookies from third parties are also used. Lost password. I read the discussion and I would really like to encourage you to keep your screenname of cameltoejoe. Just out of interest, Joe, why did you choose that nick? Thanks very much, odondon! Thank you everone you all make me feel a little better :- First of all, I am not the kind of person who likes to offend,and I do not want to appear vulgar,rude,dimwitted etc..

Hey CT Joe, to use your cool new moniker, I was not offended by the orig.

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Selima, I'm not a woman, so I can't answer your possibly rhetorical question to yourself, but from my point of view, it makes me think of a passive-aggressive manipulator who is essentially a coward, hates or fears women, or both. Peter, I am a woman, and I fully agree with Selima.

I don't think you can compare "Schniedelfriedel" or any of the other German pseudo-equivalents to "camletoe". For heavens sake people! I joined this forum in the hope of improving my German vocabulary, and it has certainly helped. Here is my "dark secret": Way back when I started to chat, I chose the nick 'fire vixen' Tanjayou're right, I did stick my neck out, not always a good thing, but I trusted my feelings on this one, and it didn't "feel right" to me, and the feeling was quite strong.

Peter Thank goodness for that! I suppose it must be the codpiece die Schamkapsel laut LEO. And now, for once, something serious. Music by Catholic but also Lutheran composers was diffused in Reformed territories mainly in the private music societies of Swiss German towns collegia musica. The political and pietist influences in the Zurich and Winterthur music societies encouraged forms of communication that are among the acknowledged common roots of European Enlightenment. When W. Yeats and Lady Gregory set out in to create an Irish theatre, they expressed their openness to dramatic experimentation.

However, the Abbey Theatre that was their legacy increasingly came to resist non-traditional dramaturgy. Ranging over a period of more than a century, the essays in Beyond Realism focus on theatre that has challenged what came to be perceived as the dominance of realism in Irish drama. Yeats produced unconventional theatre that challenged the norm of realism; they show that Irish dramatists since the s, including Thomas Kilroy, Vincent Woods, and Patricia Burke Brogan further broadened the range of theatrical methods. The concluding essays on contemporary works that use multiple techniques, technology, and site-specific locations suggest that non-realistic, highly theatrical approaches are no longer the exception in Irish drama.

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