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Click here to contribute another image. Paperboy Control Panel Image. Paperboy Description Paperboy was produced by Atari Games in Atari Games released 86 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in Other machines made by Atari Games during the time period Paperboy was produced include E. You control a kid on a bicycle who delivers papers to the subscribed customers while avoiding people and obstacles found on the street. An obstacle course at the end provides a break from the street scene.

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Personal Impressions Score: 3. Technical Impressions Score: 4. Each day begins by showing an overview of the street indicating subscribers and non-subscribers.

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Subscribers and non-subscribers' homes are also easy to discern in the level itself, [1 ] with subscribers living in brightly colored houses, and non-subscribers living in dark houses. The paperboy begins his route at the start of the street bottom of the screen and progresses towards the end. The player can control the paperboy's speed, but the paperboy is in constant movement and cannot stop moving forward until the level day of the week has ended. Should he slow down or stop for more than a few seconds, bees will appear arcade version only.

Kid’s room needs a refresh? Then our boy's wallpaper might be just the ticket.

For each paper that is delivered to a subscriber's mailbox, the player receives points. If the paper is delivered to the subscriber's doorstep, the player receives points. Points are multiplied x2 for playing 'Middle Road', and x3 for playing 'Hard Way'.

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Points can be gained for breaking plants, running over flowers, or throwing papers into windows of the non-subscriber houses. The primary objectives of the game are to keep as many subscribers as possible and to stay alive. Secondary objectives include vandalizing non-subscribers' homes and hitting nuisances with newspapers. Keeping subscribers is fairly straightforward: the player must deliver a paper to them.

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While the player may deliver more than one paper to each customer, they have to avoid accidentally damaging their homes, such as by throwing a paper through a window. Delivering a newspaper directly into the customer's newspaper box or mailbox, as the voiceover calls it earns bonus points. Accidentally damaging a customer's home or failing to deliver a paper causes the customer to cancel his subscription and may cause him to set traps for the paperboy the next day.

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In more advanced rounds, the homeowner may immediately run after the paperboy after the house was vandalized. The player must stay alive by avoiding obstacles that appear along the street. Some obstacles include everyday nuisances such as fire hydrants, storm drains, break dancers , cars, skateboarders, drunks, kids with radio controlled toys and even rather bizarre foes such as a tornado , oversized house cats , and even the Grim Reaper himself.

The player must also cross street intersections successfully which gets harder each day. Some obstacles can earn the player bonus points.

Apple releases Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard, cloning Atari’s Paperboy

For example, the breakdancer and some men brawling in the street can be "smacked" with a newspaper for extra points. Running into any of the obstacles with the bike results in the loss of a life. The latter collision type comes from obstacles not integral to the landscape; cars, people, dogs and bees.

Along the way, the paperboy can pick up extra bundles of papers since he can carry only a limited number.

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  • These are sometimes located in difficult to reach spots. A 'Perfect Delivery' is achieved by successfully delivering to all current subscribers, and this awards double bonus points for each house delivered to, as well as reinstating one lost subscriber, up to a maximum of 10 out of the 20 houses being subscribers.

    If a 'Perfect Delivery' is achieved when the player already has 10 subscribers, double bonus points are still awarded, but no further subscribers are added. The end of each level contains a "training course", with unique music, which the player can traverse within an allotted time for bonus points. In the training course are various targets to be struck with papers, jumps, water and other hazards. Riding over a jump replenishes the paperboy's stock of papers in addition to earning points.