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We were separated and shuffled between foster homes, group homes, shelters, and for at least one of my siblings, incarceration. Your gray hands can no longer hurt me. Your gray hands can never overpower me. We never learned how to love ourselves unconditionally.

How does a person like me not end up with a family?

Anaiya Lives with Daddy, Anaiya Visits Mommy

In an ideal world, being a foster kid is supposed to be temporary. Adoption is the next best option. I used to dream of it. Having a mom and dad, siblings to play with, a dog. But when I hit twelve, I realized that I was getting old and adoption probably would never happen for me. I wish you the best.

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And I hope that you listen to my signal of distress. I thank you for giving me closure. Thank you. For a moment, the courtroom was silent. Thank you very much for being willing to share your feelings and your beliefs with us. The entire family is indebted to Pat, because of all the love and care she provided to many members of our family during their last years of their lives.

Specifically, she cared for her mother-in-law for over a year before she passed. Pat also took care of her mother and father during the last years of their lives. Pat was also an awesome momma to her dogs, bullet and Deeogee Dee.

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She had a listening ear and gave advice, without judgment, to anyone who needed to talk. She was ready to open her home and heart to anyone who needed her. Anaya; and father-in-law, Jose Eloy G. She stood by me in every situation and on every decision.

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  • She had my back on everything I endeavored. She took a huge part of my heart with her.

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    Saturday, July 6, Roswell Daily Record. Man arraigned for trying to run over deputy.

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