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Poe relates taphephobia to other medical cases like monomania, epilepsy and catalepsy. Protagonists in "The Fall of the House of Usher", "The Premature Burial" and "Berenice" are cataleptic characters who suffer from a physical pain and a psychological, neurotic obsession of being all the time under the threat of being buried alive.

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Poe uses medical terms to describe rigorously the cataleptic trance, in an attempt to create an illusion of verisimilitude. He provides the full diagnosis of catalepsy, focusing on the fact that it presents the borderline between life and death:. Sometimes the patient lies, for a day only, or even for a shorter period, in a species of exaggerated lethargy.

The Edgar Poe You Never Knew Act 2: A Mere Writer of Horror OR a Master of the Human Mind?

He is senseless and externally motionless; but the pulsation of the heart is still faintly perceptible; some traces of warmth remain; a slight color lingers within the centre of the cheek; and, upon application of a mirror to the lips, we can detect a torpid, unequal, and vacillating action of the lungs. Then again the duration of the trance is for weeks - even for months; while the closest scrutiny, and the most rigorous medical tests, fail to establish any material distinction between the state of the sufferer and what we conceive of absolute death.

CTP This description shows Poe's strategy to create the reality effect through an objective style, detailed analysis of the phenomenon without any use of fictional supernatural elements.

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This lengthy, detailed description mirrors a similar definition by the scientists William Tebb and Edward Vollum who expressed in their book Premature Burial and How it may be Prevented that catalepsy is a nervous system disease associated with rigidity in muscles and limbs and with low pulsation which are symptoms that define death Both definitions show the fragile boundaries between death and life, since a cataleptic person can be mistakenly considered dead and buried alive.

Besides, Poe shows his scientific knowledge through his reference to the medical journals of the era like the German Chirurgical Journal of Leipsic which is presented in his tale "The Premature Burial" as "a periodical of high authority and merit, which some American bookseller would do well to translate and re-publish" CTP Poe's use of authentic medical journals in addition to his analytic description of catalepsy, one of the main reasons behind the occurrence of incidents of premature burial that caused a mass panic and obsessive fear during the 19th C, serve as a way to guarantee the horrific effect of the tale by inspiring from the era itself and from the society to internalize the horror.

Furthermore, Poe echoes the psychological agony of the neurotic protagonist in "The Premature Burial", describing his "moral distress and infinitude" CTP and trying to ensure his friends' oaths to bury him after his decomposition and trying to provide every precaution possible to forbid his potential premature interment. Literature is believed to be a wonderful world where phantasy of the writer is mixed with the experience of his life, thoughts and emotions.

It is not a secret that human psyche is shaped under the impact of particular events, relationship with other people and health conditions. Psyche, in its turn, greatly impacts artworks of an artist or a writer as their works usually reflect their inner world.

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Edgar Allan Poe was not an exception. His wonderful poems and horror stories are the result of dramatic events of his life which will be further investigated. HMW is a platform for swamped students who seek help with their endless paper tasks.

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The life of Edgar Allan Poe is characterized by a personal and professional turmoil. American publishers refused to print works of a young poet as the copyright law of those times made reprinting British books more profitable business.

However, his soldier spirit was strong enough not to give up. He could be a good officer, but because his foster father could not provide him with a financial support, Poe began to ignore his duties and violate regulations and later was dismissed from the Academy. People are involved in dramatic events shaped by inner darkness of human souls, their thought and intensions.

Edgar Allan Poe

Indeed, his literature works are psychologically thrilling. His every poem, tale or short story reveals the depth of human psyche and behavior. Before Poe was three years old, his parents died. This tragedy has determined the features of his further literature writing full of dark passionate sensibilities. The author has a specific neurotic obsession with violence and death.

Moreover, he approves tragic mysteries of life as the only possible and acceptable life scenarios. The readers see the act of vengeance which ends in murder, the murderer and his victim. The story is told by the murderer 50 years later after the committed crime. The neurotic obsession with violence and death is clearly traced in the episode when Montresor buries Fortunato in the catacombs.

Vengeance becomes a sense of their life, their only purpose. He was seeking for vengeance to the life itself as it took the sense of his existence.

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He was maniacally afraid of tuberculosis as this disease took lives of his mother and his wife. He felt envy to happy people around him and expresses his maniac feelings in his depressive short stories. It is important to admit that the loss of his beloved women greatly influenced his poetry. When describing Poe in terms of the Five-Factor Model of personality we can conclude that he would be high on Neuroticism — evident by the constant nervous anxiety he was said to have, as well as his melancholy and irritability. Poe would also be described as being low in Agreeableness and Conscientiousness since he was argumentative, untrusting, and lacked self-control i.

Edgar Allan Poe's obsession with human mind

Poe actually crops up several times in the medical literature. Other examples of scientific anthro poe logy include…. Giammarco, E.