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Time for a little mathemagic!

1. Excel Windows – Macro security and the Trust Center

Choose any five cards from a pack and show four of them to your partner. How can they work out the fifth?

How to password protect or remove password from Excel Workbook-Excel Encryption

We have created some Excel spreadsheets containing various tools which automate techniques frequently used in codebreaking. There are two versions. The first version uses macros.

If it doesn't work on your computer or network, try the second version without macros. In general, you only need to change entries in cells highlighted red the exception is transposer 2 and 3, for which the instructions show the steps you should follow. This helps you to determine the sort of cipher that might have been used.

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  • How Excel handles passwords!

They use files names designed to entice you into opening them. Excel Windows — Macro security and the Trust Center The FBE desktop computers reset after each session, so this Macro Settings procedure will need to be performed at the commencement of each new session. Notification means that the Warning shown in figures 2, 3,5 or 6 will appear when the macro workbook is opened Click OK Note: You should close the xlsm workbook before these changes are made.

Opening macro enabled workbooks

Fig 1. Excel Mac 2. Excel Windows Follow these steps if a Security Warning appears when you open the session workbook. Do not open the file from within your web browser.

Programming Excel with VBA and .NET by Steve Saunders, Jeff Webb

Depending on your security settings, you will need to enable the macros. Originally Posted by macropod. That suggests you need to review your Save As code and modify it to remove the password. For example: ActiveWorkbook. I think that would also save the macros in the unprotected workbook, which possibly may not be desirable.

Using CryptoSys API with Microsoft Excel

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