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The mother's status dictated that of children, any children born to Harriet and John would be enslaved. Most African-American families had both free and enslaved members. Larson suggests that they might have planned to buy Tubman's freedom. Tubman changed her name from Araminta to Harriet soon after her marriage, though the exact timing is unclear.

Larson suggests this happened right after the wedding, [31] and Clinton suggests that it coincided with Tubman's plans to escape from slavery. In , Tubman became ill again, which diminished her value as a slave. Edward Brodess tried to sell her, but could not find a buyer. As in many estate settlements, Brodess's death increased the likelihood that Tubman would be sold and her family broken apart. Tubman and her brothers, Ben and Henry, escaped from slavery on September 17, Tubman had been hired out to Dr.

Anthony Thompson, who owned a large plantation in an area called Poplar Neck in neighboring Caroline County; it is likely her brothers labored for Thompson as well. Because the slaves were hired out to another household, Eliza Brodess probably did not recognize their absence as an escape attempt for some time.

Two weeks later, she posted a runaway notice in the Cambridge Democrat , offering a reward of up to dollars for each slave returned. Ben may have just become a father. The two men went back, forcing Tubman to return with them. Soon afterward, Tubman escaped again, this time without her brothers. She sang a coded song to Mary, a trusted fellow slave, that was a farewell.

This informal but well-organized system was composed of free and enslaved blacks, white abolitionists, and other activists. Most prominent among the latter in Maryland at the time were members of the Religious Society of Friends , often called Quakers. Tubman had to travel by night, guided by the North Star , and trying to avoid slave catchers eager to collect rewards for fugitive slaves.

At an early stop, the lady of the house instructed Tubman to sweep the yard so as to seem to be working for the family. When night fell, the family hid her in a cart and took her to the next friendly house. Particulars of her first journey remain shrouded in secrecy. When I found I had crossed that line, I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person. There was such a glory over everything; the sun came like gold through the trees, and over the fields, and I felt like I was in Heaven. In honor of her courageous efforts to rescue family and friends from slavery, abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison named her "Moses", alluding to the prophet in the Book of Exodus who led the Hebrews to freedom from Egypt.

She did sing a version of " Go Down Moses " to signal to her refugees along the path to freedom — she changed the tempo to indicate that it was either safe or too dangerous to proceed. Like other Underground Railroad conductors, Tubman used various methods of communication specific to her own needs. Contrary to current popular belief, there were no common "codes" used by conductors. After the war, various black-faced minstrels included the song in their acts which helped popularize it.

During the 20th century, people of all races sang it as a spiritual to pay tribute to Tubman or to various struggles for freedom. After reaching Philadelphia , Tubman thought of her family. But I was free, and they should be free. Congress meanwhile passed the Fugitive Slave Law of , which heavily punished abetting escape and forced law enforcement officials — even in states that had outlawed slavery — to assist in their capture.

Solomon Northup

The law increased risks for escaped slaves, more of whom therefore sought refuge in Southern Ontario then part of the United Province of Canada , which, as part of the British Empire , had abolished slavery. In December , Tubman was warned that her niece Kessiah and her two children, six-year-old James Alfred, and baby Araminta, soon would be sold in Cambridge. Tubman went to Baltimore , where her brother-in-law Tom Tubman hid her until the sale. Kessiah's husband, a free black man named John Bowley, made the winning bid for his wife. Then, while the auctioneer stepped away to have lunch, John, Kessiah and their children escaped to a nearby safe house.

When night fell, Bowley sailed the family on a log canoe 60 miles 97 kilometres to Baltimore, where they met with Tubman, who brought the family to Philadelphia. The next spring she returned to Maryland to help guide away other family members. During her second trip, she recovered her brother Moses and two unidentified men.

While being interviewed by author Wilbur Siebert in , Tubman named some of the people who helped her and places that she stayed along the Underground Railroad. In Wilmington, Quaker Thomas Garrett would secure transportation to William Still 's office or the homes of other Underground Railroad operators in the greater Philadelphia area.

Still, a famous black agent, is credited with aiding hundreds of freedom seekers escape to safer places farther north in New York, New England, and present-day Southern Ontario. In the fall of , Tubman returned to Dorchester County for the first time since her escape, this time to find her husband, John. She once again saved money from various jobs, purchased a suit for him, and made her way south. John, meanwhile, had married another woman named Caroline. Tubman sent word that he should join her, but he insisted that he was happy where he was.

Tubman at first prepared to storm their house and make a scene, but then decided he was not worth the trouble. Suppressing her anger, she found some slaves who wanted to escape and led them to Philadelphia. Because the Fugitive Slave Law had made the northern United States a more dangerous place for escaped slaves to remain, many escaped slaves began migrating to Southern Ontario.

In December , Tubman guided an unidentified group of 11 fugitives, possibly including the Bowleys and several others she had helped rescue earlier, northward. There is evidence to suggest that Tubman and her group stopped at the home of abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass. It was the largest number I ever had at any one time, and I had some difficulty in providing so many with food and shelter. Douglass and Tubman admired one another greatly as they both struggled against slavery.

When an early biography of Tubman was being prepared in , Douglass wrote a letter to honor her. It read in part:. You ask for what you do not need when you call upon me for a word of commendation. I need such words from you far more than you can need them from me, especially where your superior labors and devotion to the cause of the lately enslaved of our land are known as I know them.

The difference between us is very marked. Most that I have done and suffered in the service of our cause has been in public, and I have received much encouragement at every step of the way. You, on the other hand, have labored in a private way. The midnight sky and the silent stars have been the witnesses of your devotion to freedom and of your heroism. Over eleven years, Tubman returned repeatedly to the Eastern Shore of Maryland , rescuing some 70 slaves in about thirteen expeditions, [2] including her three other brothers, Henry, Ben, and Robert, their wives and some of their children.

She also provided specific instructions to 50 to 60 additional fugitives who escaped to the north. One admirer of Tubman said: "She always came in the winter, when the nights are long and dark, and people who have homes stay in them. Her journeys into the land of slavery put her at tremendous risk, and she used a variety of subterfuges to avoid detection. Tubman once disguised herself with a bonnet and carried two live chickens to give the appearance of running errands. Suddenly finding herself walking toward a former owner in Dorchester County, she yanked the strings holding the birds' legs, and their agitation allowed her to avoid eye contact.

Since Tubman was known to be illiterate, the man ignored her. Tubman's religious faith was another important resource as she ventured repeatedly into Maryland. The visions from her childhood head injury continued, and she saw them as divine premonitions. She spoke of "consulting with God", and trusted that He would keep her safe.

She used spirituals as coded messages, warning fellow travelers of danger or to signal a clear path. Tubman also carried a revolver , and was not afraid to use it. The gun afforded some protection from the ever-present slave catchers and their dogs; however, she also purportedly threatened to shoot any escaped slave who tried to turn back on the journey since that would threaten the safety of the remaining group. She pointed the gun at his head and said, "You go on or die. Slaveholders in the region, meanwhile, never knew that "Minty", the petite, five-foot-tall, disabled slave who had run away years before and never come back, was behind so many slave escapes in their community.

By the late s, they began to suspect a northern white abolitionist was secretly enticing their slaves away. They considered that John Brown himself had come to the Eastern Shore to lure slaves away before his ill-fated raid on Harper's Ferry in October No such reward has been found in period newspapers. Despite the best efforts of the slaveholders, Tubman was never captured, and neither were the fugitives she guided.

Her father, Ben, had purchased Rit, her mother, in from Eliza Brodess for 20 dollars. Two years later, Tubman received word that her father had harbored a group of eight escaped slaves, and was at risk of arrest. She traveled to the Eastern Shore and led them north to St. Catharines, Ontario, where a community of former slaves including Tubman's brothers, other relatives, and many friends had gathered.

In April , Tubman was introduced to the abolitionist John Brown , an insurgent who advocated the use of violence to destroy slavery in the United States. Although she never advocated violence against whites, she agreed with his course of direct action and supported his goals. She, meanwhile, claimed to have had a prophetic vision of meeting Brown before their encounter. Thus, as he began recruiting supporters for an attack on slaveholders, Brown was joined by "General Tubman", as he called her.

Although other abolitionists like Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison did not endorse his tactics, Brown dreamed of fighting to create a new state for freed slaves, and made preparations for military action. After he began the first battle, he believed, slaves would rise up and carry out a rebellion across the south. Tubman aided him in this effort, and with more detailed plans for the assault.

Tubman was busy during this time, giving talks to abolitionist audiences and tending to her relatives. In the autumn of , as Brown and his men prepared to launch the attack, Tubman could not be contacted. Some historians believe she was in New York at the time, ill with fever related to her childhood head injury. The raid failed; Brown was convicted of treason and hanged in December. His actions were seen by abolitionists as a symbol of proud resistance, carried out by a noble martyr.

She later told a friend: "[H]e done more in dying, than men would in living. In early , abolitionist Republican U. Senator William H. Catherine Clinton suggests that anger over the Dred Scott decision may have prompted Tubman to return to the U. For years, she took in relatives and boarders, offering a safe place for black Americans seeking a better life in the north. Shortly after acquiring the Auburn property, Tubman went back to Maryland and returned with her "niece," an eight-year-old light-skinned black girl named Margaret. There is great confusion about the identity of Margaret's parents, although Tubman indicated they were free blacks.

The girl had left behind a twin brother and a loving home in Maryland. However, both Clinton and Larson present the possibility that Margaret was in fact Tubman's daughter. In November , Tubman conducted her last rescue mission. Throughout the s, Tubman had been unable to effect the escape of her sister, Rachel, and Rachel's two children, Ben and Angerine. She had no money, so the children remained enslaved. Their fates remain unknown. Never one to waste a trip, Tubman gathered another group, including the Ennalls family, ready and willing to take the risks of the journey north. It took them weeks to safely get away because of slave catchers, forcing them to hide out longer than expected.

The weather was unseasonably cold and they had little food. The children were drugged with paregoric to keep them quiet while slave patrols rode by. When the American Civil War broke out in , Tubman saw a Union victory as a key step toward the abolition of slavery. General Benjamin Butler , for instance, aided escaped slaves flooding into Fort Monroe. She became a fixture in the camps, particularly in Port Royal, South Carolina , assisting fugitives. Tubman met with General David Hunter , a strong supporter of abolition. He declared all of the "contrabands" in the Port Royal district free, and began gathering former slaves for a regiment of black soldiers.

President Abraham Lincoln , however, was not prepared to enforce emancipation on the southern states, and reprimanded Hunter for his actions. Master Lincoln, he's a great man, and I am a poor negro; but the negro can tell master Lincoln how to save the money and the young men.

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He can do it by setting the negro free. Suppose that was an awful big snake down there, on the floor. He bite you. Folks all scared, because you die. You send for a doctor to cut the bite; but the snake, he rolled up there, and while the doctor doing it, he bite you again. The doctor dug out that bite; but while the doctor doing it, the snake, he spring up and bite you again; so he keep doing it, till you kill him. That's what master Lincoln ought to know.

Tubman served as a nurse in Port Royal, preparing remedies from local plants and aiding soldiers suffering from dysentery. She rendered assistance to men with smallpox ; that she did not contract the disease herself started more rumors that she was blessed by God. To ease the tension, she gave up her right to these supplies and made money selling pies and root beer, which she made in the evenings.

When President Lincoln finally issued the Emancipation Proclamation in January , Tubman considered it an important step toward the goal of liberating all black men, women, and children from slavery. She later worked alongside Colonel James Montgomery , and provided him with key intelligence that aided the capture of Jacksonville, Florida. Later that year, Tubman became the first woman to lead an armed assault during the Civil War. On the morning of June 2, , Tubman guided three steamboats around Confederate mines in the waters leading to the shore.

Tubman watched as slaves stampeded toward the boats. Although their owners, armed with handguns and whips, tried to stop the mass escape, their efforts were nearly useless in the tumult. More than slaves were rescued in the Combahee River Raid. For two more years, Tubman worked for the Union forces, tending to newly liberated slaves, scouting into Confederate territory, and nursing wounded soldiers in Virginia. During a train ride to New York, the conductor told her to move into the smoking car. She refused, explaining her government service.

He cursed at her and grabbed her, but she resisted and he summoned two other passengers for help. While she clutched at the railing, they muscled her away, breaking her arm in the process. They threw her into the smoking car, causing more injuries. As these events transpired, other white passengers cursed Tubman and shouted for the conductor to kick her off the train.

Despite her years of service, she had never received a regular salary and was for years denied compensation. Tubman spent her remaining years in Auburn, tending to her family and other people in need. She worked various jobs to support her elderly parents, and took in boarders to help pay the bills. He was a veteran of the 8th United States Colored Infantry , serving as a private in the unit from September to the late summer of Though he was 22 years younger than she was, on March 18, , they were married at the Central Presbyterian Church.

Tubman's friends and supporters from the days of abolition, meanwhile, raised funds to support her. Bradford released another volume in called Harriet, the Moses of her People , which presented a less caustic view of slavery and the South. It, too, was published as a way to help alleviate Tubman's poverty. Facing accumulated debts including payments for her property in Auburn , Tubman fell prey in to a swindle involving gold transfer. Two men, one named Stevenson and the other John Thomas, claimed to have in their possession a cache of gold smuggled out of South Carolina.

They insisted that they knew a relative of Tubman's, and she took them into her home, where they stayed for several days. Thus the situation seemed plausible, and a combination of her financial woes and her good nature led her to go along with the plan. Once the men had lured her into the woods, however, they attacked her and knocked her out with chloroform , then stole her purse and bound and gagged her.

When she was found by her family, she was dazed and injured, and the money was gone. Representatives Clinton D. Hazelton of Wisconsin introduced a bill H. In , Tubman petitioned the Congress for benefits for her own service in the Civil War, outlining her "responsibilities during the war" as she was still receiving the pension of her deceased husband, Nelson Davis, payments of which had begun in after it was originally denied.

In her later years, Tubman worked to promote the cause of women's suffrage. A white woman once asked Tubman whether she believed women ought to have the vote, and received the reply: "I suffered enough to believe it. Anthony and Emily Howland. She described her actions during and after the Civil War, and used the sacrifices of countless women throughout modern history as evidence of women's equality to men.

This wave of activism kindled a new wave of admiration for Tubman among the press in the United States. However, her endless contributions to others had left her in poverty, and she had to sell a cow to buy a train ticket to these celebrations. In , she donated a parcel of real estate she owned to the church, under the instruction that it be made into a home for "aged and indigent colored people".

She said: "[T]hey make a rule that nobody should come in without they have a hundred dollars. Now I wanted to make a rule that nobody should come in unless they didn't have no money at all. As Tubman aged, the seizures, headaches, and suffering from her childhood head trauma continued to plague her. At some point in the late s, she underwent brain surgery at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital. Unable to sleep because of pains and "buzzing" in her head, she asked a doctor if he could operate. He agreed and, in her words, "sawed open my skull, and raised it up, and now it feels more comfortable".

By , her body was so frail that she had to be admitted into the rest home named in her honor. A New York newspaper described her as "ill and penniless", prompting supporters to offer a new round of donations. Harriet Tubman, widely known and well-respected while she was alive, became an American icon in the years after she died. The city commemorated her life with a plaque on the courthouse.

Although it showed pride for her many achievements, its use of dialect "I nebber run my train off de track" , apparently chosen for its authenticity, has been criticized for undermining her stature as an American patriot and dedicated humanitarian. Washington delivered the keynote address. Today, it welcomes visitors as a museum and education center.

Tubman was celebrated in many other ways throughout the nation as well. Dozens of schools were named in her honor, [] and both the Harriet Tubman Home in Auburn and the Harriet Tubman Museum in Cambridge serve as monuments to her life. Catharines a National Historic Site because of its association with Tubman. In , the asteroid Tubman was named after Harriet Tubman. There have been several operas based on Tubman's life, including Thea Musgrave 's Harriet, the Woman Called Moses which premiered in A biographical film based on Tubman's life is in production.

The film, Harriet , stars Cynthia Erivo in the title role. Lee and Stonewall Jackson , both of which were among four statues removed from the park by the Baltimore City Council in August Tubman was posthumously honored among a list of historical American figures by U. Woodson 's Associated Publishers in Author Milton C. Catharines , Ontario , was a focus of Harriet Tubman's years in the city, when she lived nearby, in what was a major terminus of the Underground Railroad and center of abolitionist work. As early as , advocacy groups in Maryland and New York, and their federal representatives, pushed for legislation to establish two national historical parks honoring Harriet Tubman: one to include her place of birth on Maryland's eastern shore , and sites along the route of the Underground Railroad in Caroline , Dorchester , and Talbot Counties in Maryland; and a second to include her home in Auburn, NY.

In December , authorization for a national historical park designation was incorporated in the National Defense Authorization Act. The latter was created from within the authorized boundary of the national monument, while permitting later additional acquisitions. On April 20, , then- U. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced plans to add Tubman to the front of the twenty-dollar bill , moving President Andrew Jackson , himself a slave owner, to the rear of the bill.

Treasury Secretary, said that he will not commit to putting Tubman on the twenty-dollar bill, explaining "People have been on the bills for a long period of time. This is something we'll consider; right now we have a lot more important issues to focus on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the person. For the musical group called Harriet Tubman, see Melvin Gibbs. Dorchester County, Maryland , U. Auburn, New York , U. John Tubman m. Nelson Davis m. By country or region. Opposition and resistance. Abolitionism U. Main article: John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry.

Library of Congress. National Recording Registry. Retrieved October 15, Emphasis in the original. Retrieved June 16, American Heritage Magazine. Archived from the original on April 22, Retrieved April 22, Courtesy of Fold3. He was drafted in the 21st District of Utica , New York. House Committee on War Claims.

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Pittsburgh, Pa. Feniomre cooper, NY , no cover Speeking pieces for little scholars and older pupils, Ellin peck, Boston , no cover ford v-8 car and trucks, By victor page NY , no cover where the red fern grows, By willson rawls, NY, , co cover bethlehem structural shapes, a week by themselves, By emilia norris, ny, no date, no cover Maine beautiful, wallace nutting, Massachusetts, , no cover the history of the town of bowdoinham , By silac adams, Maine , no cover dangerous days, by mary rineharnt, ny, , no cover the girlscouts rally, By kathryn gult, , no cover heart of the sunset, by rex beach, ny, , no cover the ramrodders, holman day, ny, , no cover the pride of palomar, by peter kyne, ny, , no cover the valley of the giants, by peter kyne, ny, , no cover the rider of golden bar, by william patterson white, boston, , no cover the thundering herd, zayne grey, ny, 1st adition.

Cammie, These books are not valuable, just the regular old books that people have to read. Please note that books with no covers from the 19th and 20th centuries are of little to no value, even if they may have some value in good condition. For an idea about what kinds of books end up in a rare book auction, check out our most recent catalog , from the June first auction.

I have a book that I would like to sell but have no idea of value. Hardcover dark brown with black printing and design on front cover.. I have a couple sets I am wondering about the worth of: 1. Crowell Company, New York, copyright Peale and J. Holly, These books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction.

I recently picked up a manuscript titled Autobiography of Erastus Johnson later published in Autobiography of Erastus Johnson a chronicle of pioneer life on the east coast and the west coast. The manuscript is in great condition and has pencil corrections throughout and author notes typed making reference to a second manuscript printed for the authors daughter however after contacting a descendant and learning what she had found in her genealogy research and the interest herself and members of the society bearing the families name had for obtaining the editions I need to seek a professional opinion.

St Louis Mo. The author mentions his last visit to his family in St. Louis Mo. Where many of his immediate family are laid to rest. The University of Berkeley in California has the manuscript from and Edward Copenhagen of Harvard special collections showed some interest in obtaining it. I know that it is probably only valuable to a descendant however there is definitely an interest. Here is a partial list of what we found:. Comstock, M.

Familiar Quotations, Bartlett, H. Caldwell, Publishers New York and Boston, unknown publishing date. Sumptibus Et Typis B. Bell and Sons, Ltd, Hart, Paul A. Samuelson, Donald H. XL, No. Thank you for the comment. These are not books we would offer at auction. The books that are parts of sets volume VIII only, etc. Burt Company, publisher.

There are a few others that may be of value but these struck me as the most likely. In most cases, books without imprint dates are later reprints. Rollo on the Rhine is a five volume set, and as a complete set has some value in the first edition Boston: W. Reynolds, , in good condition.

After seeking many avenues, I have only found a few red leather books by the same publisher, however they have different covers in the fact that the gold lettering and design on the binding exterior edge of the book has more design and lettering varies. All are published by Award Books Inc. New York, N. I have been unable to find any documentation on the publisher or dates of printing. All pages are present and in great shape, the bindings of both books however have let go for the most part. It was published by Thomas Y. It is leather bound and in very good condition.

Please let me know where i can find out the value of these and other books that i have. These books are likely not of high value. And on the cover page is an inscription, which either seems to be a love poem or poem with the authors signature- it is handwritten in the Lithuanian language and is very difficult to interpret. I am Very Curious and intrigued. Any Thoughts?

Thank you in advance for any help Laurie. Laurie, Thanks for the comment. All of the volumes are a burgundy color -and are in very good condition They were my grandparents — can you give me an idea of their value? Kathy, These Harvard Classics are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Your insight would be appreciated. Paula, This copy of Alice in Wonderland is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction.

It has a broken spine single split but all the pages are there. What might this book be worth? Should I get the spine repaired or leave it as is? Thank you very much. This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. I came across an antique leather bound Jane Eyre C. Bront book but it is in French. I am unable to locate a copyright anywhere on it. Redon Et J. Kelly, Thanks for the comment.

Do you have any comment? Thank you in advance. Please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Published by Charles L. Just wondering if it is of any value. Lance, This edition of Huckleberry Finn is not something we would handle at auction. Third Edition, revised and enlarged.

Philadelphia: W. Saunders, Walnut Street. Edited by John M. Keating, M. Frederick A. Packard, M. Gardiner, M. Also, can you recommend a good book restorer? The book and journals are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Date is referenced in Introduction. Kathy, Rob Roy was first published in , so a later edition has value only as a book to read, not collect.

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Winsome, These books are not of high value. Philadelphia: Printed for Robert Campbell, Leather Bound edition. It contains the Northwest Ordinance, which was the de facto constitution of the Territory and the basis for the free state legal philosophy of Abraham Lincoln and other abolitionists. Original Owner signature dated I bought the book based solely on the rarity. Any thoughts on value? Complete set of Joseph Conrad leather bound book set, special edition, published by Doubleday, Doran and company for P. Kelly, Decorative sets in fine leather bindings in very good condition can have value.

Please send some photographs of the sets on the shelf along with an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Your website is very helpful. Perhaps you could help? Christianus Reineccius, S. Apud Bernhardum Christoph. The Stillingfleet title is early, but common on the rare book market, and frankly not the most interesting read out there. Some Greek Septuagints can be very valuable, but the really collectible ones were published about years earlier. All pages are intact, but the publication date is missing. Regards, Barbara Bessol. Generally, books from the late 19th or early 20th century with undated title pages are later reprints, and not first editions.

The publisher, issuing a title with proven popularity, has intentionally omitted a date in order to extend the shelf-life of his wares. Books without publication dates are very often reprints not first or early editions.

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It might also be useful to take a look at the copyright page to help determine the period of publication. But unfortunately, 19th and 20th century books without publication dates are usually reprints. I have two books that I am having restored in period binding, pages washed etc, by a very well known restoration specialist in Alabama. Both are by the author Sir William Hope.

The second is where I am having trouble finding a value for the book. The actual title is much longer. I can only find some sparse information on this one, but would like to get a rough value as well, one to make sure I am spending money wisely on the restoration and two to possibly sell at auction. Thanks, Josh. Josh, please submit photos of the books using the auction evaluation form on our website: secure. It a compilation of her poems of passion, miscellaneous, pleasure, philosophical, cheer and sentiment.

I believe it is an edition de luxe limited to copies, printed on hand made paper, bound in vellum and its signed by both the author and artist. Any idea on value would be appreciated. Many thanks Diane. Diane, To find out what your Ella Wheeler Wilcox book of poems may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. It was written by S. It is bound, but the cover is not attached. Otherwise it is in good condition. Do you have any idea if it may be of any value? I can find really no info on it except the S.

Patent pending is also printed under the publishing company name. Thanks for you for any assistance you can provide. Andrea — This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Please contact me. Thanks Ron. I have a book my grandmother gave me.

The tittle: The prince and the pauper. Author: Samuel L. The book does not have a copy right date. It does have on the title page: tThe Goldsmith Publishing Co. Chicago New York. It also has manufactured in The United States of America. Also has notes at the end of the book. I was curious if this book has any value. Pam, This book is not of high value. It is written by Miriam Blanton Huber.

The copyright is Row, Peterson and Company. Do you have any idea if this book is of value. It has a picture of a women on the front and she is sitting at a desk writing a letter. The hard cover is in yellows and reds. It was my Aunts book and I wonder if it has any value.

I have a first edition Grapes of Wrath. Purchased the book from Asprey in Includes dust jacketand plastic cover. Full description describes very good condition of jacket, pages and spine. Stuart, To find out the possible value at auction, please submit photos of the book and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. I have a book written by Edward Payson Roe. Published by Dodd, Mead and Company. The binding has become worn but it is still pretty in tact.

There is also a signature of an owner from Farmington,Maine on one of the blanks. Do you think this is of value? Candace, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. They belonged to Latisha Beauchamp Proctor there is a bookplate , signed Susan, These two old books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. I have a book that I would like to know if it is rare. Thackeray, Esq. Thank you for any info you can give me.

This Charlotte Bronte book is not something we would handle at auction. Hello, I purchased a brown leather bound book, cover says Shakespeare Illustrated, when you open the book it says An Art Edition of Shakespeare classified as Comedies, Tragedies, Histories and Sonnets. Each part arranged in chronological order.

Arranged and compiled by C. But the odd thing about the book is the back of the book has an attached blue Shakespeare Illustrated hard cover. I would give it a fair condition rating because of some spotting, frayed pages, and the spine of the book has some fraying. Can you tell me if this book is worth anything?

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Heidi, Thanks for the comment. In appreciation of more than twenty years of help, advice, and encouragement. Holly, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Hi I have a Book made in Gold Pages, the cover is something soft and like velvet …. If interested drop a line at info mcaroell. I have a book called Arrowsmith. Printed in the USA. This book is a red cloth hardback book, with gold lettering. I have no clue of the value. Shaynon, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction.

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My Grandmother passed away about 4 years ago retired from Working in the School System for 30 years. When she passed away, upon inheriting her estate-we found many school books dated back to these dates. Is there any value to them? I feel he might have been holding back… What do you think? Hello, I cleaned out an old bookcase and came across books published prior to The copywrite dates are ,, Miss Keller signed this book for my Grandfather April 23, The only part of the dust jacket remaining is the cover.

It is torn at the edges and wrinkled but the cover photos can still be made out. We were always amazed the someone that was blind could write so clearly. I am wondering if there is any value to these books or what you can tell me about them. Illustrated by Harold Brett. The preface in the book explains that parts are not in this book based on the original 2 volumes because it would be of no interest to young boys and girls.

Any value to this book? Thanks Robert DiSpaldo. I have an old book I inherited; it is the direct lineage of Cyrus McCormick. Among a lot of antique books that I bought at auction recently were three written by Lord Alfred Douglas Bosie mainly on the subject of Oscar Wilde. Very good condition repress from There is a signature in pen on the inside cover page by Thomas Hope Floyd and dated June 6 I enjoy reading your replies here. I have.. It from McLoughlin Brothers. Title is..

It is a 16 page illustrated alphabet book , chromolithographs. I have tried for hours to try and find a single one for sale or has been sold. I can only find one — in the museum library of a university in Florida. I am wondering the value and also wondering how rare the book may be. Also if it would be auction material. Thanks in advance.. Jason, To find out what your alphabet book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Hi I have a Holy Bible with wood cover with crosses on front and Jerusulem on the back. Londow and Glasgow Collins Clear-type press.

It also has colored illustration throughout old and new testaments. Would you be able to provide estimate value? This bible is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Book appears to be in German I think. I cannot tell if it is complete or not? Please take a photo of the title page, and submit an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Houghton and company. Can you give any kind of info.?

Bobbi, These old books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. I found it at an estate sale on Long Island, NY. I did some investigating to find out about it. It was published by Frank Moore Lupton who started his own publishing company, in Lupton Publishing Company. These books are thread sewn not wired. Printed from large type on good paper, and bound in very attractive covers.

The cover from , matches my book. Mary, To find out what your Charles Dickens book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Assisted by: Prof. Partial leather covers in good condition. I have 11 Charles Dickens books that has copy write of Are these something I should look further into? There is no publishing date. Printed by Oxford University Press. There is a preface on pages by the author explaining how the book came to be. On the last printed page it shows John Johnson, printer to the University.

It is in good condition. Does this have any value as a single work or must it be part of the twenty volumes.? Hello, I have 2 books William Shakespears complete works volume 1 and 2 and it says chicago W. B Conkey company both volumes are in condition , with an introduction to each play, adapted from the shakespeare primer of professor Dowden. And illustrated.

Not sure of the value? I have a leather bound book called Poetical Works of Robert Burns. It has gilt-edged pages, and although there is no publication date, it was published in Edinburgh W. It is not in perfect condition, but is complete, showing signs of many readings. Any thoughts as to potential value? Thank you in advance for any assistance you may offer.

If you could give me some help with this. I have been unable to find any book that resmbles this one. Kent, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Is this a first American edition printing? It is probably in fair to good condition for a Y.

Any thoughts on approximate value? Eric, Thank you for your comment. I have 3 very old books and wanted to know there value. The first one is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, copyright date The book is a hardback book in excellent condition with a book jacket that has wear and tear. The third one is The Borrowers by Mary Norton, copyright date This is also a hardback book in excellent condition with a book jacket that has wear and tear. Elisa These old books are not of high value.

I have Vol. I do not know the whereabouts of the 4th volume. These are first editions and I believe is numbered of Is there still value without the fourth volume. Dan, There may still be value to these books. Two others listed below. Original Illustrations by E. A Abby. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck , great condition with signature of first page, not title page. The Viking Press New York. All pictures included on. Craig, These books are not of high value. I have a first edition book. Natur und Kerz. Published in Berlin, Cant find much info about this book.

I would like to find out any info about it and possibly sell it. Ricky, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Viking Press. It says Publication Date April. Red paper spine, thin paper cover with 2 smaller papers glued on it. One is the Viking Press paper with the information above, the other is what looks like a newsprint paper with information about the book.

The last 3 pages have separated from the binding, but they are present, although those 3 pages have frayed edges. Robert, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Looking through some books which belonged to my Uncle. Would you be able to assess if there is any value in them?

Greatly appreciative. Hare Fifteenth Edition published in in good condition. Robert, These books are not of high value. Undated editions are almost always later reprints. Thank you so much for all the work youre doing here for so many.. I am an antiques collector and found a book at a yard sale that I could not pass up.

It is a mdcccciii and is a first edition. London and Edinburg. It has a very interesting cover with a Royal gentleman riding a horse and a dog running if front of him. In the background is a castle. I like to know the value of my antiques and have not been able to find the value of this book. Can you help? You may be able to find out more about your book on worldcat. Publisher info appears as: London, Geo. Peirce, Printer, ,Strand. I can only find a few references to it and it seems to have been a very early translation from Any ideas?

Hi Matthew. Do you still have this?

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I think this was the first english translation from Jan How much would you be willing to sell it for? I have a second edition copy from New York Jane Eyre. It is my favorite thing regardless of value. Beautiful green and black cover, great smell and feel of the pages. How would I find out what the value is?

William Gahan, O. Published in Dublin by T. I collect older and antique religious books and this is my absolute favorite despite value, but it is about the only one in my collection for which I have not been able to find a value and would love to know. I have a book I found in a shed years ago and would like to know if it is worth anything. I have 15 volumes of Charles Dickens, green cover, no published dates, nice illustrations, published by the Werner Company, Akron Ohio, I am having difficulty finding the value.

I would like to sell them. I have 6 first edition Nancy Drew books. They are blue hard cover and 4 are in good shape and 2 fair. Any idea what they are worth or where I could take them to find out? My grandmother was a collector of many things, and one was old books. She has given me over old books ranging from the mid s to the s.